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Recharge Your Day

An estimated average of 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Do you experience fatigue, foggy memory, irritability, and more? If so, and if you’re thirsty, it could indicate that you’re already dehydrated.*
3-Step System for Healthy Living

Triangle of Health

When balancing the demands of work and home life, it’s common to rely on packaged foods and sugary treats when time is short. The Triangle of Health is a three-step system that delivers the nutrients you need timed for optimal absorption by your body.

21-Day Reset

With a simple and sustainable plan, achieve real results in just 21 days. Reset your metabolism and digestion and start experiencing the Nitro Effect. We teach you everything you need to know!
Quench Your Thirst

Electro Hydration Challenge

The weather is heating up fast, and summer is in full swing. If you’re thirsting for a way to keep your hydration game strong this summer, look no further. Supercharge your summer with our newest Kyäni product and an exciting challenge!